AL material – Suitable for use in model turbine jet engines such as the KJ-66, GT200 etc.

Made from a single billet of High grade Aluminium this CNC machined Compressor Diffuser fits the KJ-66 Model Gas turbine Jet Engine or similar engine designs.
It is manufactured to very close tolerences and at around 90 grammes it also helps to provide a good power to weight ratio and has been machined to optimise efficiency.

Overall Diameter 107.4mm +0.02/-0.01mm

Height 20mm +/-0.02mm

Bearing seat Bore 22mm +/-0.01mm (to suit the 608 sized bearing)

A Total of 15 Wedge shaped top vanes optimised for ideal expansion angle and pressure gain including temperature gain correction (due to compression)

There are a total of 40 Peripheral Blades

4 of the peripheral blades at 90 degree spacing are profiled to 4mm wide and are drilled and tapped to M3 to act as mounting points.

The remaining 36 Peripheral blades are of optimised design and have a true aerofoil profile cross section which provides higher efficiency than simple curved blades

The blade profile also produces additional expansion area for the gas flow which further raises compressor pressure and so efficiency.

Peripheral blade trailing edges are only 0.3mm to minimise turbulence behind the diffuser which could effectively narrow the exit cross sectional area

The inner surfaces have been gas flow profiled to reduce turbulence and gas flow restrictions

Overall machining tolerences are +/-0.01mm for critical dimensions and +/-0.02mm for less critical dimensions and +/- 0.05mm for non critical dimensions

This is a very high grade component that will provide your KJ-66 engine with high efficiency performance.


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